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Margarate River Bring’s it on!

The surf and surfer’s have brought their A game to Marggies! This is what seperates the men from the boy’s. Big powerful windy conditions both onshore and offshore have made every heat exciting! Were down to the quater’s and anyone who made it this far earned their keep. World champs, Wild cards, Rookies all had […]

Surf History 

I watched some YouTube videos of Larry Bertleman this morning. I remember him being the first surf pro being sponsored by big corp entities. 74′ was my first year in Hawaii and he won the Duke that year. He surfed Sunset like it was never surfed before. Instead of taking off, fading off the bottom […]

Florence Wins World Title

John John Florence secured his first world title in Portugal by taking out the Rip Curl meo Pro. Now with the Billabong Pipe masters still to go the pressure will be off and he can definitely take out pipe. There will however be a solid crew that will challenge him in his backyard like Jamie […]

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