Feliepe Toledo wins J-Bay

Toledo makes it a two fer. After winning last year , he was on a mission to make it two. Wade Carmichael one of the rookies this year gave Toledo a run for his money, but Toledo was unstoppable. He has never lost in a final that he has made so far in his career, which has never been done. He also gets the Jeep Leaderboard jersey and is now in first place on the tour. Toledo’s weakness are Tahiti and Pipe ,big heavy barrels, so we will have to see if he can over come that. His strength is his incredible air game, but also can put it on rail when needed. Winning a world title is about consistency so a world title is very possible for him. Personally I felt the final should have been Jordy vs Toledo as I felt Jordy got under scored in his heat against Carmichael, but I’m not a judge!

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